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Creating Your Protective Pwds

A thoughtful way to lock your logins is with a password. The amount of time and thought that goes into password creation though is a function of what you generally understand about passwords. Many web users think of a password as just step in how they open their account. However what they don’t realize is that constantly everyday and every second there are tens of thousands of hackers out there with one goal. To break into web information.

When is the last time you thought about this in this light? Most of us are not security guys, and let’s agree most people are are lazy. We think of it as doing ourselves a favor by making a childish password to use on the web. But the bad news is that this is just making it very easy for the hackers to open online websites.

The most important concept you should think about is that every single word in the dictionary is horrible to use. Does that surprise you? So the bad guys use every known word found in the dictionary to crack your account. But it’s the easy words are what most people choose for their accounts. They use words like openup or opensesame and so on. These are horrible choices for passwords and most likely will be opened by the next criminals that come along.

Once your websites are broken into you might lose money. You might lose your identity. This is an important idea. Most says Jan Berkowitz people see the password as a time waster, but it is in reality a life saver. So why not understand what you can do about it? Here is what the experts suggest.

When creating a password, longer is usually much better. Using words that are not in the dictionary is vital. Here is a suggestion, the word pw and the word pony are very easy to crack if they were pwd’s. But if you stuck them together they are no longer a word in the english or just about any language. So take two words that you know and stick them together. Your result is wordonewordtwo. This is a good start. Now you want to add numbers. Decide where you want them at the beginning or at the end. You could consider the middle as well. Jan Berkowitz reminds you do not worry that you might forget it. Write it down .

Let’s continue making a good pw. Right now you might have word1neword2wo and like that. By adding a capital that makes it very much more difficult to figure out. So look at the password now 1Ordone2ordtwo . It is looking more like a pw. The final touch would be to include one of the other characters. It could look like this wOrd1n#word2wo. You can insert as many as you want to use.

When you use this method be mindful that it can create very difficult to break passwords especially if the original seed words are unusual nicknames or something that is not found in conversation. Jan M Berkowitz reminds you that by creating strong passwords this will protect accounts best of all.


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