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Discover Why Local Search Marketing May Be Exactly What Your Small Business Needs To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

It is well-known that the majority of customers now depend on the internet to find their local businesses.Compared to the few that still rely on outdated search methods such as the yellow pages, over 90% of consumers are reported to use the search engines to find products and services.

For this reason, it is no surprise more and more businesses are beginning to recognise the innumerable advantages of using local search marketing to grow their business and increase their customer base.

The purpose of conventional SEO, is to get a website ranking well at the top of the search engines – local search marketing is the same thing, except it is targeted more at local searches.

Companies that invest in good local search marketing do so since it puts their business directly in front of targeted traffic – consumers that are specifically seeking that business’s services or products. It’s because of this, that they now enjoy a huge increase in leads and enquiries that lead to successful sales!

Sound too good to be true? Well many businesses that are thriving as a result of local search marketing would reason that it is not! 

Even better still, by having a listing with someone such as Google Places, your business can benefit from its very own 24/7 salesman (see – Google places optimisation ) . Google Places is able to provide a search user with all of the information that they need to contact you.

Because of the rise in popularity of social networking sites, it’s also become possible for businesses to reach out to larger numbers of online search users. This is not just beneficial to the consumers who are able to feel that they can trust the businesses they’re spending money with, but it allows businesses the opportunity to find out what their target market wants. Social media marketing can prove a powerful component in local search marketing, and with the right help a business can use this interactive landscape of social networking to their advantage (see – Facebook marketing strategies ). 

The bottom line is this – local search marketing puts your business in the greatest position with your customers. What more could a local business looking to grow want? 

If you are interested in using local search marketing to give your business a boost and expand your customer base, see – www.localsearchmarketing.co.uk .

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