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Good Principles In Web Design

In web designing, design is much more than just using HTML to code up a page. The guidelines revealed below will help you make a more useful and effective website.


One of the most basic beliefs in web designing is balance. It is the distribution of the light and heavy elements on a page. It shows one to layout web pages so they will work effectively. It's also a visual interpretation of design gravity. Remember that darker and bigger objects appear heavier than lighter and smaller objects.

Balancing designs can be done in 3 ways:.

  1. Symmetrical Balance— done by placing elements in an even manner.
  2. Asymmetrical Balance— harder to design because they don't have elements that match across the designs centerline.
  3. Discordant or off-balance— designs that suggest more action and motion.


When folk encounter the word contrast, colour is the very first thing that comes to mind. It is an accentuation of component variations in a website design. When you apply contrast in a web design, think beyond or more than only colours.

Moreover, contrast in web design can be done in 4 ways. It can be done by.

  1. Changing of fonts.
  2. Providing links.
  3. Using different sizes of pictures and elements.
  4. Using contrasting colours.


The eye is drawn to what is emphasized in a design. Though it is very tempting to give accent on everything in your internet site, as a designer you should determine component hierarchy and apply stress accordingly based totally on the power structure.

With emphasis, you make the most significant element stand out in your design.

To incorporate stress or predominance in your design, try doing the following:

  • Use semantic mark up that may provide some emphasis even when there are no styles.
  • Changing of fonts or images.
  • Use of contrasting colours.


It is maintained that the entire design can only be accepted once the brain has recognized the pattern in the rhythm. Rhythm instills a feeling of order in the design because it rarely occurs on its own.

To include rhythm in your web design, you can repeat tangible HTML texts, add pictures several times, use background-repeat property and repeat navigation components of your design.


In design, unity is also called as proximity. It provides cohesiveness to designs and is alleged to pull elements together.

Unity can be implemented thru adjusting the plan of elements, changing the text spacing and playing with the box properties to persuade the padding and margins.

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