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How To Design A Website

Just what can go wrong when you are designing a brand-new website? There are several points to watch for. Remember your internet site is the most visible as well as easily accessible way that many individuals will certainly see your company, so you need to ensure that whoever designs your website recognizes what they are doing. This post is a quick guide to staying clear of the pitfalls.

What do people care about

Do you believe that people normally care about your website and you? Think twice. What your visitors are concerned with is instantly solving their problems. Majority of people will visit a website for the following one or more of these four problems to be solved: they need information, they need to make a donation or purchase, they need entertainment or they need to be part of a community.

Solve your visitors’ problems

Try to consider that the only explanation your website exists is to address your consumers’ concerns. Answer this, what issues does the page I’m working out fix? A lot of companies believe that an internet site is about opening a new marketing channel, marketing a label, obtaining donations, or increasing provider leads by 15 %. No. It’s about resolving your clients’ troubles. Make sure your pages do that.

The 4 Second Website Test

You ought to be able to take a look at any site’s home page and discover what the site is concerned with within four seconds. When you cannot, then the site is a non-starter. People are not going to stay on your website if they cannot discover what it is all about. Even when you have a grand summary of your company’s ethos such as hopeful and compassionate” do not make this the subject of the homepage. You should make the subject of the homepage be what you basically do and how you help the visitor.

The Golden Rule

Do not utilize creative techniques which keep the visitor from the call to action. These creative techniques are not clear and will frustrate your prospective donors and clients. They breach the golden rule of running business online, which is: “Don’t do anything that infringes on the sale.”

Design Elements

Other techniques which normally get in the sales’ way include; FlashSplash Pages, Splash Pages, animations, too much or too little text, lack of focal point on the site, a lot of pictures and much more. When people view the site, it is because they are committing themselves. They have checked on an ad or a link and now they are viewing the site so there is no need for further seduction. Let them view the site.


All web navigation must answer these questions: where am I? Where have I been? Where can I go next? Where’s the Home Page? Navigation must be simple and consistent. Common mistakes include different types of navigation on the same site, a link to the current page on the current page (home page link on home page), and poorly worded links so the visitor doesn’t know where he’ll go if he clicks, no links back to the home page and confusing links to the home page.

As more websites have appeared online, the demands of an increasingly critical web audience have ensured bespoke website design is crucial to a website’s success. Good web design in Hammersmith can help you with your web build. Just visit our site for more information.

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