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Some Considerations When Building A New Website

There are several heavy duty website design and HTML editing programs out there to help you design, write, and publish your website, Blog, or newsletter template. However, they may not do everything that you want them to do. If you want to have a full functioning website, that is a useful marketing tool for your business, then you really should at least a smattering of html and coding knowledge. As well as having an understanding of search engine optimization and its benefits.

These cover email lists, advertising, press releases, Blogs, article writing, wholesaling and drop shipping, website design, SEO and other promotions.

A decent doorway can be a simple information site. It doesn’t need much in the way of graphics or website design prowess, and can even simply be one page as we see in most internet MLM. The great sales gurus of the world wide web raking in the big bucks typically have one web site though they may be selling several products. Each product has it’s own sales pitch page … just one page. KISS (keep it simple stupid) is the golden rule!

Without proper experience or website design background many mistakes are made. Try analyzing the web site of the information promoter, and try copying what he or she is doing and not get caught in the trap of just doing as they say.

Although one major software company had such a template in their web design software, many would consider it to be crass and distasteful to make your website look like the command center of the starship Enterprise. Now remember the old Tennessee Mountain Man is as about as backwoods as it gets and even I chuckled at how red neck the polished same software company’s rendition was. Having said that, a few smatterings of high tech applications can give your website design reputation a good boost especially among the younger generation, the ‘wanna be’, the treckie, and the 2.0 socialite. Know your audience. Who do you want to reach? Don’t over do it! Regardless of what the SEO purists say, content is still king. Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

Start with as clear and simple website design as possible. Some sites will require more dazzle than others. But, remember, the more bells and whistles the slower the web site loads and responds to browsers and searchers.

A major consideration of good web design is the ease of navigation for your visitors. You should make it as easy as possible for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Your site shouldn’t just be easy for your visitors to navigate, but also for the search engine spiders too. If they can’t easily crawl your source code then they could have a major impact on your search engine rankings. Don’t forget to make sure the website is also cross compatible with multiple browsers, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and other less popular brands.

As 12-steppers would rightly say, “there is no easier softer way”. There is no such thing as working 30 minutes a day with a site on auto pilot while you rake in millions while frolicking with Playboy Bunnies on your yacht so get that picture out of your mind right now. Proper marketing goes a long way in attracting the target customers to your website and thereby, achieving maximum commercial success in the long run. The DSL Turtles actually have the advantage here. Take it easy, but get it done.

In order to maximize target audience visits to a website, one of the first steps to be taken is creating a website design that simultaneously runs parallel to your business objectives and is attractive enough to engage the attention of your visitors.

Your website design is the first impression. If it is a mess or if no one can find it and potential customers never see it, it is also the last impression. Either they never got there or they never stayed or they had no reason to return.

You must decide if you really have the time, knowledge and technical ability to devote to website design and, most importantly, keeping that site maintained and up to date? If not, maybe you should concentrate on growing your business and let a website design professional concentrate on making your website work for you.

If you are looking for a local website designerthen you might want to go online and check the various online review sites, such as Google Plus and get references from friends and family before spending any money.

Steffen Edrop is a freelance writer and resident of Fort Myers, FL. If you are looking for one of the better experts in web design Fort Myers has to offer, Steffan suggests speaking to various Fort Myers web designers and then comparing their previous work and pricing, and then finally speaking to ex-customers to get their feedback.

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