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The Perfect Movie Poster

To get promoted, motion pictures make use of movie posters. Posters can be printed in different languages to market movies to various audiences. Often, posters have text included in the images. Additionally, the images of the actors in the movie are printed on the poster. In some cases, images of key places where the movie was shot are included. Posters are another way of promoting a movie. These posters may be printed in different language or variations for different audiences or to develop eagerness to view such a movie. Images of the movie’s characters are usually portrayed in the poster. Places where the movie was shot at can also be pictured in these posters.

The features of the best movie poster

A movie posters are great advertising, marketing and promotional tools. Thus, it needs to be effective in advertising movies to its intended audience. Considering that a movie poster is a powerful marketing device, it needs to be carefully designed so it would be effective in catching the attention of its audience.


Provocative and flashy graphics are normally employed to grab attention of the target market. All elements of the movie – characters, plot, tagline – are carefully crafted to be catchy. What will make a poster more attractive are its iconic designs, flashy background, portraits, and creative lighting. Interesting graphics, powerful text, and even provocative images are utilized by designers of movie posters. To be more catchy, the pose and emotion of the characters, the plot, the background, the movie tagline, and other elements are carefully designed into the movie posters. To help make a poster be more attractive, catchy and intriguing, iconic designs, logos, flashy backgrounds, portraits, and creative lighting are made use of.

Iconography feature What these all means is, even in the absence of texts, a poster should be able to convey a lot of things. The best movie poster should be iconic, which requires the use imagery and the themes in the movie without using a lot of text to describe them. To know the effectivity of your poster, you should be able to grab the eye, attention and interest of the viewer. What is more, tactics like enhancing the characters’ sex appeal, spacing of elements, and contrast of colors are ideal. All these present a glimpse of the movie. It?s all about how the imagery is created and portrayed in marketing the movie to its intended audience. This refers to the ability of a poster to show its message without too much text. What would make a movie poster iconic is the use of imagery, graphics, colors, and emotions to generate interest and anticipation. A picture can paint a thousand words, and the graphic design makes an effective trigger to create interest and attention. Other film posters employ different techniques like enhancing the characters’ sex appeal, working on spacing of elements, and contrasting colors and tones. Combined smartly, imagery gives the audience a glimpse of what the movie is all about. How imagery is used determines a big part of marketing the movie.

The best movie poster should create interest

The best poster should use pictures that communicate the central theme or assumed plot of a movie. These images are used to create more excitement and build more tension. These posters are able to build up anticipation from the audience, giving them more cause to watch the movie. Inception would be a good movie example that makes use of clever images in its posters. The poster shows a city block positioned vertically, something that is non-existent in real life. The image becomes intriguing: why is the block positioned vertically? How was it done? These are just some of the questions that leaves the viewing public hungry for more. Graphics in movie posters portray the central theme or the assumed plot of a motion picture. Correctly chosen and crafted images and graphics increase tension and excitement. The audience becomes interested, giving them more reason to buy a movie ticket. The movie poster from the 2010 blockbuster Inception is a good example. The poster illustrates a city block in a vertical position. The posters pose a variety of questions. How was it done? The images help pique the interest of the viewing public.

Desire and appeal

The best movie poster should be appealing and able to create desire.A movie poster should be able to illicit desire and should catch the appeal. A good poster should use the name of the director; many movies are judged by their directors. Further, dual appeal is used to improve the advertising of the movie. Movie posters should be appealing to create the feeling of desire. To generate appeal, movie poster may contain the name of the producer and director; many movies are judged by the brains behind them. The names of the cast should also be made visible in the posters.

Consistency in appearance

A movie poster that is appealing and entices the public to go and watch the movie is the best poster. It should be created as artistically as possible. The poster should be consistent with the theme of the movie. Watchmen is a perfect example that uses this strategy in its posters. Movie posters should have a consistent look. That means, the style of the poster should coincide with the film. If for example you’re doing a poster for a horror film, it should be dark and dreary, absent of anything bright. It should be devoid of any bright colors or happy tones to reflect the scary theme of the film. In the same manner, a poster for a comedy film should only carry happy and fun colors.

The best poster should have a lasting appeal.

The DVD cover should be the same as the movie posters that have been circulating. Posters for the Jurassic Park, for example, employs the same images in its DVD covers. Images on DVD covers, posters and all other advertising and marketing materials should be consistent. Jurassic Park, for example, uses this advertising technique, making the theme and imagery on all its advertising materials consistent.

The most effective movie poster should be easy to recognize. Follow up movies are easily recognized as they have been successful franchises in the entire box office. Additionally, sequel movies generate good income to studios.The best movie posters are easy to understand and identify. They can actually be used to market sequels. A few good examples are the movie posters for the Back to the Future film franchise, which share similar themes and images.

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