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Things To Keep In Mind When Design A Website

There are some important considerations that need to keep in mind when a web designer create a website.

Website Visitor’s Needs

Firstly, the purpose of any website should be to provide users a pleasant experience. When designing a website, a web designer must try to improve the accessibility and usability of the website. To consider the user experience and user interaction, a web designer must learn to meet the user’s expectation. It is also crucial that a web designer learn to view things from a visitor’s point of view.


Good navigation is the main basis of a successful website. Web designers need to focus on creating a navigational structure that is consistent and easily accessible. Web designers can achieve this by looking for some effective ways to organise their website and allow website users to find information on the website easily.

Layout Design

It is believed that a clean layout is the one that uses a lot of white space and has the right amount of elements to show its information without overloading the users with unnecessary contents. A clean layout is the layout where it will keep the focus on the content.

Screen Resolutions

To ensure visitors read your content, a simple site is always the best choice. This is important because scrolling required need to be reduced, particularly with contents of long pages. If the site is poor or does not work well, visitors will not enjoy reading the contents. Hence, in order to make sure your visitors are able to see a professional and attractive site, stretch layouts that fit any screen resolution are required.


You also have to make sure that your website is capable to view from the most used versions of browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Netscape as they constitute 95% of the world’s browsers.

CSS Programming

CSS programming was introduced in 1996, and the world starts to use CSS websites ever since. This is because CSS programming helps to reduce file size to give a better look to your website. Hence, it is strongly advised that a quality web designer should learn to use CSS programming to enhance a website.


Given the immense advanced of technology and the increasing varieties of computers and their monitors, it is unreasonable to guarantee that your site fits in all screen sizes and different user scenarios. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure your site is capable of being error free and put up with the increasing amount of user loads. In order to achieve this, the web design, code and programming must be scalable. If the site looks good and able to perform smoothly under most situations, it is a reliable and efficient website.

Test Early, Test Often

It is advised to carry out usability and user interaction tests during the early design stage of designing your website. It is not just that, you need to keep testing and improving your website as it grows to ensure it performs smoothly.

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