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Watch Out For The 4 Most Common Blunders In Website Design

Having a website is about standing out from your competitors and gaining online exposure to assist you to attract targeted, profitable traffic. Without the help of a professional website design company (see – business website design ), creating a website capable of this can be hard to achieve. For the reason that too many small businesses believe that in order to get a successful website up and running, all that they will require is a good domain name and impressive graphics.

However, to create a site that’s profitable you need a lot more than this. Websites which are of a poor calibre will in fact only serve to do your business more harm than good.

Listed below are 4 of the biggest mistakes that people make with their web design:

1.It looks like their competitors.

You’ll need a site which will allow you to stand out from the competition, not blend in! Duplicating the website of one of your competitors is a risky business. You ought to want to create a site that is a reflection of your own brand, ideals and services. So – be sure you show the many unique things that your business can offer.

2.There is no SEO.

Debatably, this is the biggest mistake to make of all. An ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ website means nothing if it isn’t fully search engine optimised. If you simply sit and wait for people to come your way, then your website will do nothing other than collect virtual dust.

If you were hoping to drive masses of traffic to your site, exceptional SEO is what you’ll need. Fortunately, many good web design companies will be able to offer you SEO as part of your design package (see – SEO web design ).

3.It is too complicated.

Search users want to find themselves on a site that is easy to navigate and use. Ideally, you want everyone that comes to your website to immediately know what your site is about. Way too many businesses choose to over complicate their sites, attempting to include as many flashy add-on’s as they can, rather than concentrating on making their site easy to follow.

Give search users what they’re looking for – a clean and attractive site that immediately takes them to where they want to be.

4.The content is of poor-quality.

Badly written or uninteresting content will not help your site to draw in traffic or do well with the search engines. What you need is high-quality and original content.

Having said that, you should not make the mistake of over-filling your site with masses of content and pictures. Remember – you want your site to be an easy-to-follow and useful guide for search users to enjoy.

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