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Your Website Needs To Be Better Optimized To Gain Rankings In The Search Results

Some SEO professionals believe that not having a dedicated IP can have a detrimental affect in page rankings but from my experience it sometimes does and it sometimes doesn’t. When it comes to search engine optimization this can have an impact so I like to mention it as early as possible in selecting candidates for website hosting provider. I have had some sites come in with high page rankings on shared IP’s and others when I shifted to a new IP the page rankings of the site jumped, so this is still a bit of a mystery when it comes to page rankings.

By using certain SEO techniques you will increase your website in the rankings and hence increase your website traffic. To gain rankings and places in the search results your website needs to be better search optimized than the websites that are currently showing above yours in the search results. Imagine if you sold blue widgets, then placing as number one in a search for blue widgets would gain you far more traffic than placing number 100 – This should be clear. The more search engine friendly that your website is, then the greater the chance that the search engines will rank you more highly.

Some companies will tell you that this is not important; they are correct in that eventually the search engines will find your site. Submit your site to all of the major search engines. Submitting your site, however, will just speed the process along. Start with the big directories. Submit your site to lots of good quality web directories. There is no doubt that there are literally thousands of other directories out there that can be useful to you. Australia seo services, online marketing seo Sydney and seo service, they all can help your website to get high rank.

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